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Hello! My name is Christina, and I'm happy you're here.

I am the founder and owner of Brightside Integrative Physical Therapy. I am a licensed doctor of physical therapy with specialized training in pelvic health and the science of pain. I am also a philosopher, a teacher, and a passionate student of the human body at all levels of expression.

I believe that life is supposed to feel good. I believe that 'common' doesn't always mean 'normal,' and I know that 'chronic' doesn't always mean 'permanent.'  I believe that wellness is a practice and movement is medicine. I also believe that they can be an easy and pleasurable part of life. I believe our bodies are impressively equipped to self-heal, and I believe you have more power than you think to make meaningful changes in your body and your life.


My holistic approach combines clinical experience and scientific reasoning with traditional wisdom, energetic awareness, gentle bodywork, guided somatic practices, and authentic respect for you and your story. I love my work, and I am committed to 'being the change' I want to see in healthcare. 


Are you ready for change?

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