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Dr. Christina sees private clients in-person in Johnson City, Tennessee.
All private sessions are two hours long.

She also facilitates public educational workshops on stress management, integrative embodiment, and somatic self-realization.
Access her new online educational

Remote consultations and collaborations are available by appointment.

Brightside Integrative Physical Therapy believes that you are the primary decision-maker about your health and your healthcare. You do not need a physician's referral or health insurance to receive treatment.

Are you ready to feel better?

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Thank you for reaching out!

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When you're ready to come visit, you will be seen in Dr. Christina's private office, which is well-equipped for

sensitive conversation,

powerful relaxation, and practical education on the questions that matter to YOU. 

Additionally, active movement is a powerful tool in the integration process. There are so many ways to move your body in ways that are both safe and restorative.

You will be safely instructed and supported every step of the way as you practice healing, and you will never be left to exercise alone.


Movement is medicine!

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Call or text 423-523-9362 to plan your visit 

The Brightside office is located in Suite 308 of the Northridge Center in Johnson City.

Parking is available behind the building for easy access to the 3rd floor.

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High ceilings and skylight windows help keep the mind feeling

open and fresh -- 

Natural sunlight is part of the prescription at Brightside! 

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