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How much have you thought about your pelvis?

It's our musculoskeletal center of balance, our center of gravity, our creative center as well as our integral plumbing and waste management centers... it's connected to everything!

Truthfully, it's our

TRUE CORE and the ROOT of our self-connection.

Common complaints include bowel/bladder

or sexual dysfunction, but many issues are

less specific and not very easy to describe to a doctor.

The pelvic muscles and functions are also intricately

in tune with your nervous system, which means that our bodies

often store stress, trauma, and other energetic blockages in the pelvis in the forms of tension, inflammation, and even pain.


Pelvic blockages and imbalances can express themselves anywhere in the body, and these things are true regardless of your biological sex, sexual identity, gender identity, sexual behaviors, age, or fitness level.


What Brightside wants every pelvis-owner to know is that these types of complaints can be relieved with skilled and compassionate holistic pelvic therapy.

Living with pelvic health conditions can be stressful, lonely, and even frightening at times. Many people live with unpleasant symptoms for months or even years before seeking help due to the very personal nature of pelvic functions. Brightside endeavors to be a safe space for Every Body to seek and experience pelvic wellness without discrimination, judgement, or assumptions.

Are you ready to feel better?

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