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Real Care for the person you are becoming.

Hiking Boots

What do you know about Physical Therapy?

A physical therapist is an expert in body movement and function who is trained to help you improve your quality of life with a skilled combination of education, exercise, bodywork, and more.

If you need to heal from injury, relieve pain, or address a functional problem: a physical therapist can help.

If you want to prevent injury, manage chronic issues, improve your overall health: the right PT can help with all that, too.

If you want to invite more balance, peace, power, and pleasure into your life, then you're ready for integrative therapy at Brightside.

Have you ever had physical therapy before?

Step into a space where it's just you and

the person you are becoming.

You have the full attention of your therapist for the duration of your visit, and you leave every session with a richer understanding of yourself, your body, and

your unique healing journey. 

Every visit is valuable, 

there's always plenty of time, and

you're feeling better. 

Gradually, you begin to realize

how strong you really are.

This is integrative therapy at Brightside.

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