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Group Offerings //

Maternity Yoga Private Class

Prenatal Flow | $35


​Learn how to coordinate mindful breathing with intentional movements that will help condition your core, relieve tension, and prepare you for the labor experience.

1 hour movement class 

Birthing Centre

Pregnancy Essentials $50


This is your crash course on the anatomy and physiology of pregnancy, labor, and delivery. Find out what's happening to your body, learn what's "normal" (and what's not!), and get the information you need to prepare for labor and delivery (and that postpartum bit, too!).

2 hour seminar - remote option available

Holding Hands

Birth & Postpartum Companion discretionary


Generations ago, no woman would dream of having to face labor and delivery without the strong maternal support of the other women in her village. As your Companion, my role is to offer you physical comforting and unyielding support as well as helpful information about the birth process and the medical decisions you may need to make. I will also teach you practical strategies to help you listen to your body, manage pain, and navigate your birth experience with confidence. 

A fully customizable curriculum of prenatal and postpartum sessions with options for hospital and home visits.

Sex Ed for Grown-Ups TBD



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